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Karina Garcia

Karina's diverse background in business management, procurement, pharmacy operations, and paralegal studies, coupled with her fluency in both English and Spanish, uniquely positions her to bring valuable insights and support to our legal team. With expertise in contract management, strategic planning, and team leadership, she will drive efficiency and streamline processes while effectively engaging with clients and colleagues. Karina's proactive approach and dedication to continuous learning make her an asset to our team, ensuring meaningful contributions to our collective success.

My Story

I am a results-oriented professional with a diverse background in business management, procurement, pharmacy operations, and paralegal studies. Fluent in both English and Spanish, my exceptional communication skills have proven invaluable in my career.

With a proven track record in contract management, strategic planning, and team leadership, I bring a wealth of expertise to my role as a bilingual paralegal. My experience as a Business Manager involved overseeing complex purchasing and contracting operations, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and fostering positive vendor relationships. My proactive approach, coupled with my exceptional organizational skills, has consistently driven efficiency and facilitated organizational growth.

Prior to my role as a Business Manager, I served as a Pharmacist Technician and Floor Supervisor. There, I demonstrated advanced knowledge of medication management, patient care, and pharmacy operations. My attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in my ability to maintain accurate records, manage inventory, and provide exceptional customer service.

My dedication to professional development is highlighted by my completion of a Paraprofessional License and Certified Paralegal program. My educational background includes an Associates in Business Management, further enhancing my skill set and expertise in the legal field.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy cooking, baking, and exploring new culinary adventures. My passion for food mirrors my approach to my work—creative, detail-oriented, and focused on delivering exceptional results.

I am known for my assertiveness, self-motivation, and reliability. I thrive in collaborative environments, leveraging my interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders alike.

With a commitment to excellence, a dedication to continuous learning, and a passion for justice, I am poised to make a lasting impact in the legal profession and beyond. Let's collaborate to achieve our goals and drive positive change together.

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