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Protecting The Rights Of Accident Victims, Divorcing Spouses And Criminal Defendants

If you are the victim of a negligent motorist, unscrupulous police officer or a domestic situation that puts you at a disadvantage, the skilled Decatur attorney who aggressively safeguards your interests is J.A. Griffin. J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C., helps you to find your way when an injury accident, contested divorce or criminal arrest clouds your future.

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Personal Injury And Wrongful Death
J.A. Griffin works hard to win the financial compensation that you and your family deserve.

Family Law Guidance That Gives You Peace Of Mind
The end of your marriage means the start of a new life. We can show you the way.

Your Powerful Advocate In Criminal Courts
Working in the legal field since 2002, J.A. Griffin wants to help you avoid serious punishments.

Vigorous, Versatile Legal Representation For Wise County Clients

Did A Motor Vehicle Accident Disrupt Your Life Or End A Loved One’s Life?

J.A. Griffin puts his years of experience, broad legal knowledge and close personal attention to work for victims of careless, distracted and drunk driving on Texas streets and highways. His proven skills at accident investigation, negotiation with insurers and aggressive litigation in court can work to your advantage. You have the right to pursue financial compensation for all accident-related losses — medical bills, lost wages, vehicle replacement, pain and suffering, emotional trauma — and our law firm does its best to protect that right.


Is Your Marriage Ending? Are You At The End Of Your Rope?

J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C., personally relates to your complex issues and shares your goal of a brighter, serene future for you and your children. Whether your divorce involves tense disputes over child access or ownership of significant marital assets and property, we provide a strong voice for those objectives. You may even be dealing with a post-judgment matter, such as a proposed parental relocation, or valid reason for a child custody or spousal support modification or court-ordered enforcement. Your problem is our opportunity to serve you.

Want To Feel Better About Your Situation? Talk To J.A. Griffin.

Your first and most important chance to communicate candidly about an accident or personal injury, imminent divorce or DWI arrest is your initial consultation at our Decatur law offices. We can also discuss your estate plan, civil litigation goals, consumer action and business legal matter.

Personal injury clients can speak with us free of charge at your home or hospital room if your medical condition has confined you there. Also, our compassionate lawyer’s contingency fee policy means that personal injury victims owe no legal fees whatsoever unless we win your case. Please call today at 940-539-0819 or stay online to send an email message.