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Attorneys in Weatherford Helping Protect the Interests of Minor Children and Disabled Adults

When someone close to you, such as a family member or a close friend, is unable to fully attend to their own needs or address their personal and financial affairs due to advanced age, physical disabilities, mental health issues, or any other reason, you may consider options for helping them. In some cases, legal guardianship may be a solution for providing the assistance they need. At J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C., we are experienced in these types of cases, and we are eager to assist you in establishing guardianship for either children or adults.

Texas Guardianship Laws

In Texas, county probate courts are responsible for legally appointing people to serve as guardians for minors and disabled adults. There are a variety of reasons why guardianship may be beneficial, and it can ensure that a person will have the authority to make decisions about the ward's financial affairs and personal care. Guardianship cases may address:

  • Adult guardianship: This type of guardianship may be appropriate if an elderly adult or a person with disabilities cannot fully manage their own finances, address their personal needs, or ensure that they receive the proper medical care. A person may be named as a guardian of the person, a guardian of the estate, or both. Guardianship arrangements should protect the rights of the ward and make sure they can maintain as much control over their life as possible. In some cases, alternatives may be considered, such as supported decision making, money management programs, or residence in an assisted living facility.
  • Minor guardianship: In cases where a child's parents have died or are unable to fully provide for the child's needs, another person may step in and provide the necessary services to ensure that the child can grow up successfully. The state of Texas uses the term "conservatorship" when referring to the guardianship of minors, and cases may be handled similarly to child custody matters.

Serving as the legal guardian of a loved one is an important responsibility. A guardian is required to act in the best interests of their ward and help them make decisions that will benefit them and provide them with the best quality of life available. If you plan to establish guardianship for a disabled or elderly adult, you will need to be ready to take on this responsibility, and should also do everything you can to help them maintain independence while ensuring that their needs are met.

Assistance With Guardianship Cases in Parker County and Wise County

Texas recognizes two forms of guardianship. If you are named a guardian of the person, you will be tasked with addressing issues related to your ward's health, medical care, personal needs, and overall well-being. You may be able to determine your ward's living arrangements, ensure that they receive all necessary medical treatment, and handle other personal issues while ensuring they have companionship and comfort. If you are named a guardian of the estate, you will be able to make decisions about your ward's finances, property, and related issues. You may need to take on the responsibility of paying various bills, applying for benefits, and managing the assets owned by the ward, including real estate property, bank accounts, and retirement savings and benefits.

Our attorneys understand the difficulties that may arise in these situations, and we can help make sure you understand all of your responsibilities as a guardian and the steps you can take to ensure that your loved one is provided for. We can ensure that you receive all education and training required under Texas law, and we can also help you meet other requirements put in place by the court.

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If you believe that guardianship is necessary to meet the needs of a loved one, J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C. can advise you of your options and provide you with representation during legal proceedings. Contact us at 817-926-6153 to arrange a free consultation and discuss your case with an experienced attorney. We assist with guardianships and related cases in Decatur, Fort Worth, Wise County, Parker County, Tarrant County, and throughout North Central Texas.

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