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The prospect of divorce can be daunting, even when ending your marriage is the best solution for you, your spouse, and your children. At J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C., we understand that every divorce comes with its own set of obstacles, and we are here to help you resolve these issues effectively while striving to preserve civility between you and your spouse as much as possible. Our team can help you determine the best options for completing an uncontested divorce, which could save you money, time, and hassle in the long run.

Our attorneys possess years of valuable experience in the field of family law. We understand how emotionally and physically draining these situations can be, and we also recognize that a divorce does not have to be complicated and contentious. Attorney J.A. Griffin has assisted numerous clients in negotiating divorce settlements amicably, and he can work with you to ensure that you will be able to get through this process while minimizing your costs and avoiding unnecessary delays.

What Issues Will Need to Be Addressed in an Uncontested Divorce?

If you are planning to complete an uncontested divorce, both parties must be willing and able to negotiate effectively and cooperate to address all of the legal issues and practical details involved in your case. By reaching mutual agreements, you can create a divorce settlement that will meet the needs of both parties. As you proceed with negotiations, you will need to determine how to resolve any disagreements related to matters such as:

  • Property division - Once both parties have a full understanding of the marital property you own, the value of these assets, and any debts you owe, you can make decisions about how to divide these assets and debts between the two of you.
  • Spousal support - This form of financial support, which is also called spousal maintenance or alimony, may be paid in situations where one spouse earns a much higher income, where a spouse has been a stay-at-home parent, or in other situations where a spouse will need assistance to meet their financial needs after the divorce has been completed. If this form of support will be needed, you can agree on how much will be paid and how long these payments will last
  • Child custody - When children are involved in your divorce, you will need to address how you and your spouse will share conservatorship, or the authority to make decisions about how your children will be raised. It will also need to specify where children will primarily live and when they will spend visitation time with each parent.
  • Child support - To ensure that your children's financial needs will be met, your divorce settlement will need to detail the amount that one parent will pay to the other based on the child support guidelines provided in Texas law. You and your spouse will also need to determine how you will divide your children's medical and dental expenses.
  • Other relevant considerations, such as how any retirement or pension benefits will be divided, the rules that you will follow as you raise your children, and the procedures that will be followed if a parent chooses to move to a new home with children at some point in the future.

Resolving Disputes and Addressing Legal Issues in a North Texas Uncontested Divorce

Here at our firm, we work to help couples collaborate to negotiate divorce settlements that will provide both parties with a better and brighter future. Nevertheless, we recognize that even when couples are cooperative and willing to resolve their disputes amicably, they may sometimes encounter complex issues or contentious disputes that may not be so easily settled. For instance, spouses who own intricate investment portfolios may struggle to determine how to divide these assets fairly and equitably. In cases involving complex, high-value assets, the assistance of outside experts may be needed, and gaining a full understanding of the financial issues to be addressed, determining the value of different assets, and making arrangements to divide property correctly can take significant time and result in additional expenses.

On the other hand, if your marital estate is less complex, and you and your spouse can agree on the important aspects of your divorce, an uncontested divorce could be the best approach. At J.A. Griffin Law Firm, P.C., we know how to facilitate this process, and we will work to ensure that you will be able to put a divorce settlement in place swiftly and efficiently. An uncontested divorce can help you save money, and it can allow for a smoother transition into your next phase of life.

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